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Adam Thielen perceive that Kirk Cousins is the issue in Minnesota

Kirk Cousins' first year as the Vikings quarterback was certifiably not a total debacle. In any case, it was a long way from a triumph as the Vikings relapsed from a 13-3 division victor without him to a 8-7-1 group viewing the playoffs from home last season.

After Sunday's incompetent hostile trip in a 16-6 misfortune to the Chicago Bears to tumble to 2-2, it's reasonable for inquiry if marking Cousins was a basic stumble. In doing as such, the appropriate response turns out to be clear.

Marking Kirk Cousins was a mix-up

When taking a gander at one of the NFL's best safeguards close by significant level aptitude ability in running back Dalvin Cook and wide beneficiaries Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, one doesn't need to look hard to locate the frail connection on the field in Minnesota.

Cousins isn't the appropriate response.

Simply ask Thielen, who didn't keep down in getting out his quarterback after Sunday's misfortune.

Thielen's cruel words for Cousins

Eventually, you're not going to have the option to run the ball for 180 yards, even with the best running back in the NFL, Thielen told journalists, per The Athletic. That is the point at which you must have the option to toss the ball. ? You must have the option to hit the profound balls.

Those are not the expressions of a man who has confidence in his quarterback. They're the expressions of a man who's for some time been baffled with the man running his offense.

From the start, Cousins' day against the Bears ? in regular Cousins structure ? didn't look horrendous on the detail sheet. He finished 75 percent of his goes for 233 yards without a capture attempt.

Cousins over and again shrivels in weight of enormous play

It was simply weak. Also, a more profound take a gander at the container score uncovers the blemishes. He neglected to discover the end zone. He took six sacks. He bobbled twice, losing one in the red zone. He found the middle value of 6.5 yards per endeavor.

He couldn't hit the enormous play, in spite of being encompassed by huge play ability.

He missed a major third-down toss in the main half to Thielen from midfield that could have gone for a touchdown.

He made an incredible read of discovering me open, and simply didn't finish the pass, Thielen said. It's as basic as that.

Shockingly, Cousins possessed the slip-up.

Better believe it, it's a toss I need back, Cousins said. Better believe it, you need to hit that one without a doubt.

Be that as it may, Cousins' activity isn't to concede botches. It's to dodge these sorts of botched chances in any case.

Cousins' basic mix-up versus Packers

It's not the main enormous botched chance against a division adversary for Cousins this season.

With an opportunity to take a late lead against the Packers in Week 2, he tossed a reprehensible end-zone block attempt that fixed a triumph for Green Bay.

Confronting weight on first-and-objective late in the final quarter, he skimmed a go off his back foot available to all to the back of the end zone.

Packers cornerback Kevin King caught it. It was the most dire outcome imaginable on a first-down play that ought to have finished with a toss out of the back of the end zone to give his offense three additional odds. Rather, the Packers hung on for the 21-16 triumph. Cousins completed the day finishing 14 of 32 pass endeavors for 230 yards, a touchdown and two capture attempts.

Cousins doesn't admission well against great groups

That outcome, similar to Sunday's against the Bears, was commonplace of Cousins, who consistently blurs in pivotal turning points. With Sunday's misfortune, Cousins tumbles to 4-27 in the NFL against groups with winning records. For each You like that! minute, there are about six neutralizing Cousins' support.

In all actuality, wins and misfortune don't fall totally on quarterbacks, and Cousins wasn't encompassed by the most elevated level of ability in six seasons as the quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

Be that as it may, the Vikings ? in undeniable win-now mode ? paid him like a distinction creator in marking him to his record completely ensured $84 million arrangement.

He's not a distinction creator. He wasn't in Washington, where the Redskins never obscured nine successes during his residency.

What's more, he's the absolute opposite of one in Minnesota, where he is encompassed by top ability that fared better without him.

What do the Vikings do?

On the off chance that Cousins' first season with the Vikings ? where he finished 70 percent of his goes for 4,298 yards with 30 touchdowns and 10 captures for a group that missed the playoffs ? was disillusioning, Year 2 is turning out to be appalling.

Before Sunday's insufficient game, Cousins associated on 58.7 percent of his goes with three touchdowns and two interferences for 502 yards.

As time goes on of the period, Cousins is probably going to consider a to be in those numbers as he levels out to the great yet not extraordinary details that persuaded the Vikings to hang their Super Bowl trusts on his correct arm. Likewise, he won't play the Bears and Packers safeguards each week.

Would they be able to seat Cousins?

Indeed, even that prospect makes one wonder: Should there be a long run this season for Cousins?

With lifetime reinforcement Sean Mannion and his vocation 66.4 quarterback rating, the appropriate response ? tragically for Thielen and Vikings fans ? is yes. Excepting some fresh faculty thinking, there is certainly not a practical choice for Minnesota not named Cousins.

That leaves the Vikings trusting that Cousins will locate the huge play contact that has to a great extent insinuated him during seven or more seasons as a NFL quarterback. It's far-fetched.

Previously trailing the Packers and Bears in the standings, and in straight on matchups, the Vikings face a daunting task to make the playoffs. In the event that they don't make the postseason for a second in a row year, it will assuredly be an ideal opportunity to stop the last year of that $84 million on the seat looking for a quarterback who can tackle the short window of accomplishment the ability in Minnesota presents.