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Blavishlashes is economical line of faux strip eyelashes made of/from silk.

Created by CEO and Originator Brittney, our lashes are  highest quality and beauty you can feel.

Entering the beauty world  as a beauty concierge  in 2014 Brittney started out educating  clients in cosmetics, skin care and hair/ body care. 

Fast Forward to today, the journey of being a expert in lashes grew from my love for beauty and all that comes with it. My strive to empower  and uplift all women, in all different parts of the world.

Currently, there are three different premium lash styles known as Nia, Amy, and Janet. Nia is our most riveting, attention-grabbing, alluring style, and it really sets the tone whether you are a full face lash babe, or more natural.

All lashes can be worn with or without makeup. Amy is our very natural yet noticeable style sure to give you that little extra glam in your day. Janet is our most natural feathery silk lash, all the natural beauties are sure to really love this style.


Whether you're a makeup lover that uses 12 products on your face to complete your make up look or 3 products, Blavishlashes was created to magnify and shine a light on what's God-given. You are beautiful already, these lashes are meant to make you feel even more gorgeous. 

We strive to make women of all ethnic backgrounds feel beautiful in their own skin. 

You are already stunning, Blavishlashes is here to enhance the natural you. Exceptional quality, 

even better price point, who's ready for beautiful lashes? They're just a blink away. 
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