About Me

Dr. Trevor Thomas Is Dedicated To Making Dental Care Available To All

For most, the most important feature about oneself is the smile, the ability to express themselves in a way that makes the best first impression. No one is more focused on this than Dr. Trevor Thomas, a young dentist on the rise, who?s making his innovative practice available for all.

Dr. Thomas provides a range of affordable healthcare for the common man (and women) from general work to cosmetic, implant and full mouth rehabilitation. He doesn?t just stop at those services, either: he?s also interested in guiding young dentists in the making to the top, speaking at different schools around the States and acting as a mentor for those in need of it. He?s also focused on helping fellow minorities, having helped created a minority-based healthcare network around the country.

It?s clear that Dr. Trevor Thomas is talking the talk when it comes to moving dental care (and healthcare, period) forward in America. To get more information, you can head here.