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Elon Musk affirms Tesla's 'Cyberquad' as a Cybertruck accessory

Other than uncovering Tesla's extraordinary failure polygon-check pickup, Elon Musk likewise presented an electric ATV at the occasion the previous evening. Named the Cyberquad, Musk affirmed on Twitter today that the two-man ATV will be accessible first as a possibility for Cybertruck purchasers. At the occasion, the four-wheeler rode into the back of a Cybertruck as the truck's versatile suspension reclined for simpler loading, and afterward the ATV connected for charging in that spot in the bed.

Despite everything we know nothing else about its capacities or potential expense, yet early adopters of the truck who need to go off-roading may value a zero-outflow recreational vehicle to oblige their buy.

In a couple of different tweets, Musk showed there will be a solar power alternative for the truck fit for producing enough energy to travel 15 miles for each day. He additionally referenced the armor glass demo that went astray, referencing that prior tosses didn't harm the window and in the long run posting a moderate movement video of lead architect Franz von Holzhausen's past endeavor.