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Medication Scandals Lead Founder of Iconic K-Pop Label YG Entertainment to Step Down

YG Entertainment is one of the greatest music organizations in the K-pop industry, one of the foundations considered a piece of the Big Three name bunches in South Korea (which additionally incorporates SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment).

Today, it's been declared that originator Yang Hyun-suk and his sibling, CEO Yang Min-suk, have left the organization following continued charges of the organization's association in medication embarrassments including specialists that were marked to their program, as Billboard reports.

?I?ve dedicated the past 23 years of my life to YG Entertainment. It was my greatest joy to support the best music and the best artists,? Yang Hyun-suk wrote in a statement posted to the YG Entertainment website earlier today. ?From today onward, however, I have decided to step down from my responsibilities and positions at YG.?
Established in 1996, YG has served the name home for different striking K-pop acts including Big Bang, Psy, and as of late, BLACKPINK. The organization went under examination not long ago after the ?Burning Sun? embarrassment, in which reports developed that medication use and sexual maltreatment had occurred at the Burning Sun dance club, claimed by Big Bang part Seungri.

On Tuesday, June 11, an informant documented a report with South Korea's Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission in regards to supposed conspiracy by the mark to conceal a medication offense by another craftsman, the rapper and vocalist musician B.I of iKON, as Korea Herald reports. This advancement prompted Yang Hyun-suk's renunciation prior today.

An individual from the original K-pop gathering Seo Taiji and Boys during the 1990s, Yang turned into an easily recognized name in Korea through YG and his residency as a judge on different South Korean singing challenge appears during the 2010s. In finishing up his acquiescence explanation, Yang expressed: ?Finally?through thorough investigation of the media reports and the facts, I believe that the truth will come to light.?