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Rasool Smith Is Well Connected

What does being well connected & having a great image get you on social media these days if you're not verified anyways? I mean, it seems like the most underground influencers have the biggest power.

For example, let's take a look at Rasool Smith on Instagram https://instagram.com/rasoolsmith/

Surely somebody with an organic fan base, being features on many articles, big host tv shows & appearances would be officially verified on social media, but he's not! Taking a further look into Rasool's social media presence, we found make impersonator pages.

Which leads to the big question of how do we even know who the real Rasool is? We found fake accounts, fake booking emails, fake DM's from a fake Rasool.

The only reason we're partially convinced that we found the real Rasoon was when this account https://instagram.com/rasoolsmith/ was willing to do a live video to prove it. This seems like a problem many influencers/public figures face.

With Instagram verification being such a blurred line, many influencers and services fail to meet the requirements even when they well over-qualify. Rumors of buying badges and knowing Instagram Representatives have been one of the few tall tales many people offer as service to attempt and fix these issues most face.

Rasool Smith stated sure not being Instagram verified has impacted me somewhat. Sometimes people don't believe they're talking to the real me, there should be a better way to apply for verification. Plus there are just too many scammers on Instagram offering instant verification & swearing they have access to some weird thing called a Facebook media partner portal. I did some research on it and it's a portal somebody can request verification for you on Instagram but to have access to this you need an invite from somebody on the portal already.

This Instagram problem needs to be fixed, why let authentic people suffer? Sometimes it's even rather difficult to even grow your own page organically. But that's where Rasool Smith comes in. He runs a very successful social media marketing company that helps other Instagrammers grow their pages and build up their notoriety. After doing a 30-day service with Rasool personally, we have determined that this is a highly reputable service. We even had verified people engaging with our posts. Which was rather new to us and exciting. Keep up to date with Rasool here! https://instagram.com/rasoolsmith/

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