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Stay Relevant: Future Workplaces to be dominated by Robots and AI

Industrialization led to the shifting of the population from rural to urban places. Likewise, according to scientists, the fourth industrial revolution will be caused due to artificial intelligence. AI is adopted by all kinds of professionals right from typists, carpenters up to scientists. About 33percent of the work skills we value today and are done manually will be taken over by the AI devices, and around 800 million workers globally have the risk of losing their jobs. These workers can save their jobs only if they understand this technology and prepare for the ensuing change in the work patterns and methodologies.

AI could be categorized into two types, like specialized intelligence and general intelligence. Specialized knowledge involves the ability to handle particular tricky goals or situations like recognizing a face or solving a mathematical equation. In contrast, general information consists of the ability to solve a wide variety of problems related to several broad fields. Computers can perform repetitive tasks and can quickly master any assignment.

To prepare oneself for the jobs which might be taken over by computers, one should think about how they can complement the tasks done by humans and machines.

To adjust to changing situations, one must be an active learner and desire constant growth. Workers should concentrate on technology, particularly computers.  Decision making also plays a vital role as AI requires critical thought, creativity, and sharp judgment. To adjust with the new machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, one must understand it, prepare to adopt the changes made, and imagine the type of jobs that could appear in the future.